five songs by Fester

by Fester Fester

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released September 1, 1995



all rights reserved


Fester Fester Benton Harbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Dive
i look into your eyes
i see the clouds rolling by
going under from within
drowning in faithfulness to your sin

my bleeding heart cries out
flames flowing from my mouth
to tell you about
the Son of God

you turn away in anger
you say that love is your stranger
i can show you a better way
you can make a brand new start

no time to sit and watch you die
as you're caught up in all your "sacred ties"
to the one who doesn't really matter
Track Name: Epitaph
gone away are the springtime flowers
gone away is the sun
gone... are the days of summer
when i was so young

so write me an epitaph
sign me your autograph
somebody, make me laugh

i’m an old man now, my time is gone
i breathe my last breath, sing this song to you
to say good-bye

i remember when time was on my side
long ago, youthful pride
please visit me again

i was young, i had the vibrance of
three thousand men, back then
but now, no more

my life has changed so
my skin has aged so
and i’m tired
i’m tired

so write me an epitaph
sign me your autograph
please, make me laugh
i’ve nothing left to offer
and i’ve no place else to go...
Track Name: Rain Clouds
i see trees fall down like rain clouds
i see mother and father fall down like rain clouds

and the rain clouds disappear
so far from here... like life

friends and family separate like atoms
congregate, segregate, no power to delegate

and the rain clouds disappear
so far from here... like life
all the pain, all the tears
shed in vain, shed in fear, who's right?
no love seems to last, world is spinning way too fast

one day the Son will come back and shine His love
everything changes, rearranges, i need love
well, i need love

i need love
Track Name: Quite Sure
i'm really quite sure that it's a good thing
that i've gotten myself into
but i'm not so sure it's had exactly
the same effect on you

i'm really quite sure my life is changing
for the better, for the good
but the way you carry your lips, your eyes
makes me wonder if i should

i'm not so sure

i'm really quite sure the door is op'ning
to a new celestial shore
a bigger, brighter world where maybe
you don't fit no more

i'm really quite sure that this could be
only just the start
of the tearing, thrashing, beating, smashing
to rebuild this heart

i think i'm sure

i'm really quite sure that you're dying
at least you're dying to me
was it that you were my sin
now lost through focusing

i'm really quite sure that i'm done now
with the chains i wore for you
broken now, on the ground
i'm free, i'm clean, i'm sure

really quite sure
Track Name: Next Bus
lewis, i read about your death
i'll have to say it hit me hard
for if ever i needed to hear your voice
it would have been today

i heard you asked
so i'll ask it for my own
when she coming 'round
to take this poor boy home

when's the next bus to albuquerque?
may i join you for the ride?
for part of you is buried within me
and part of me, with you, died

i didn't want a sad song
i feel like i'm selling you short
for how much more you were to me
but with this sadness
i bid a last farewell
to the friend you didn't know you were to me
oh lewis, you were a friend to me